JFK and the Blowhard President

On 26 October 2017, the previously classified files relating to the assassination of John F Kennedy were due to be released to the general public.

In a wave of publicity, President Trump promised that all files would become available and that perhaps, at last, we would be able to somehow join the dots and find that vital piece of evidence that would point towards the conspiracy that many enthusiasts have long suspected took place in Dallas, Texas, 54 years ago.

In the event, 3603 documents were not published and remain classified.

5 days ago, in an interview to the press, former President, George H W Bush, referred to President Trump as a blowhard. No wonder.

What a missed opportunity.

The assassination of JFK is, for me, the cryptic crossword puzzle that refuses to be solved. Today, 54 years after the event and after a lifetime of study, nothing can be irrefutably proven. You can’t even prove that Lee Harvey Oswald was on the 6th floor of the book depository firing three shots at the President.

At a push, the most you could prove in court is that at least three shots were fired from behind the motorcade and that at least one shot came from the front or the side. This conclusion is based on ear-witness testimony given by onlookers at the corner of Houston and Elm, in Dealey plaza itself and specifically by Lee Bowers, who was working in the railroad tower behind the pergola on the grassy knoll. He was an A1 witness as the video evidence confirms.

Although we have Bowers’ testimony on film, he died in mysterious circumstances, 3 years after the assassination.

There were 2 film cameras in Dealey Plaza that witnessed the shooting. The film taken by Abraham Zapruder and the home movie filmed by Orville Nix. Both are inconclusive and show signs of tampering. They prove nothing and should be discarded.

I was hoping that the classified files would shed light on some of the unanswered questions that have plagued investigators for half a century.

Who were the three tramps arrested in the parking lot minutes after the assassination? They were photographed several times on their way to the Dallas Police Department and one of the tramps is a dead ringer for a known CIA agent, Everett Howard Hunt. This is the same E. Howard Hunt who was arrested in the Watergate building on the night of the break in. Was he interviewed? Did he use an alias that can be traced? Will we ever know?

Donald Trump had an opportunity to make a difference. Even if the files told us nothing new, he would at least have kept a promise to the American people.

I am now starting to wonder if they, like their former President, also now believe that he is a blowhard?

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