Red Roses For Me

Meet Jacqueline Bouvier who became Mrs. Jackie Kennedy when she married JFK in 1953.

It is now 54 years since that day in Texas when her husband was shot dead by an assassins bullet.

I’ve been watching a lot of stuff on the internet about the assassination and it never ceases to amaze me just how much interest there still is in this event which took place over half a century ago.

In the Zapruder home video you get a very good view of what happened in the last seconds of her husband’s life.

He emerges from behind a road sign and immediately his arms rise at a very strange angle to his throat where he has been shot. Jackie leans forward to help him and then the final bullet rips through his head sending blood and tissue over the trunk of the limousine. At this point Jackie jumps out of the back of the car and climbs on to the trunk, not to get away as I always thought, but to retrieve some of her husbands brain tissue which she then presents to the doctors on arrival at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Does a day get any more traumatic than that?

After the event, when she had time to reflect, she remembered that when she arrived at Love Field in Dallas, she had been given a bunch of red roses. At the other three stops in Texas she had been given yellow roses (the Texas rose is yellow). She remembered thinking it had been odd and that it had given her a very cold feeling.

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