The Public Eye

I’ve just watched the documentary “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy” and feel a bit stunned by the behaviour of the press in the film. I had, quite frankly, forgotten just

how bad it once was.

On one occasion, Princess Diana was assaulted by the intruding press pack, desperate to get a photograph. The life of a royal, in the public eye, can never be what I’d describe as a good life. On the one hand, you just can’t go off and do what you want and on the other, when you can go, you are followed by a pack of photographers.

If I wanted to, I could go to Paris this weekend and do what I liked. No one would bother me and there would be no expectations of me.

Prince William has made it clear that he is going to attempt to keep the press at bay for the sake of his children. He will allow “official” photographs to be taken but, by and large, that will be it. I genuinely hope he succeeds. This painting is from the official photograph taken for Prince George’s 4th birthday. I see a happy, unaffected child who appears to be a bit of a mischief maker. Just like any other 4 year old. So far, so good………………

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